There has never been a better or more interesting time to grow an edible garden – vegetables and herbs. It’s one of the most rewarding types of gardening because you reap such a rich harvest for your work – fresh, healthy, and  flavorful food at a great price. It’s hard to beat the flavor of a sun-warmed tomoto fresh from the garden or crunchy, flavorfull lettuce in a sandwich or salad.

Your best chance of success comes if you keep a couple of things in mind when planning your veggie plot. Sunshine – vegetables need about 6 -8 hours daily. Water – about 1″ per week, so have a sprinkler handy in case it doesn’t rain. Soil – rich in organic matter but well drained is best.

Top 2024 Herbs

  • Mojito Mint Herb

    Patio, rum… Nuff said.

  • Rosemary Barbeque Herb

    We love this Rosemary for its robust flavour on roasted potatoes or meat. The name comes from the sturdy upright stem which can be used as a barbeque skewer. Amazing!

  • Fernleaf Dill Herb

    This variety stays more compact that it’s close relations and is great for adding fresh flavour to your soups, sauces and salad dressings.

  • Basil Herb

    So many kinds and so many uses. We love them!

  • Lavender Herb

    Technically an herb, but loved for its fragrant flowers you can make a tub soak with Epsom salts using dried lavender and rose petals. Can you say relaxation?