Most home gardeners consider annual flowers among their favourites. The term “annual” describes plants that go through their entire life cycle—from germination to seed production—in a single year. Because they last only one growing season, annuals are versatile members of the garden.

Top 2021 Annuals

  • Caliente Orange Geranium Annual

    This is Erna’s all-time favourite plant for her containers. “Yes, I am a Grandma, but no, this is NOT your Grandma’s geranium. It’s mounding, it’s trailing and it will catch your eye from across the yard.” Honourable mention goes to the Foxy Flamingo, not just because its name is amazing, but it is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Havana Lantana Annual

    Havana Lantana is Reena’s go to filler for many of her container creations. “I love the mounding, trailing form and array of colour you get from just one cluster of flowers. Not that it doesn’t produce a ton of clusters, because in my experience it does. As an added bonus it has this amazing citrus scent.”

  • Miss Malibu & Miss Montreal Annual

    These two sisters are Erna’s Begonia family favourite (shhh… don’t tell the other Begonias). “They trail, they bloom and they wow! What’s not to love?”

  • Sunpatients Annual

    Reena loves the tropical vibe that Sunpatients add to any container. “Their big bold flowers give a cleaner, more contemporary look to a container. They compliment most foliage while adding a bright pop of colour.”

  • Coleus Colorblaze Golden Dreams Annual

    Erna loves all foliage plants, but how can you not love this chartreuse and red combo… And the name? Coleaus Colorblaze Golden Dreams? Come on! “This plant adds such a unique pop of colour, and can be planted in both sun and shade pots.”

  • Potato Vine Annual

    It may not sound glamorous, but this is one hearty trailing plant. “We both fell in love with Sweet Georgia Purple Heart. Hanging baskets, patio pots, flower beds, oh my!”

  • Zinnia Zesty Annual

    The Zinnia Zesty is a large-headed beauty with a love of hot, dry areas. “It can be used in pots, but does best in a flower bed. The best part? Water it, go to the lake, and don’t worry, it’ll be just fine.”

  • Caladium Annual

    You can’t beat this plant for its large leaf and colourful punch. “It makes a statement whether planted in a pot or by your front door. Just make sure it gets some afternoon shade.”

  • Artemesia Makana Silver Annual

    We were introduced to this new variety and it was love at first sight. “The Artemesia Makana Silver pairs so well with Sweet Georgia Purple Heart or any other deep tone plant.”


    If you could pick on single plant to fill a pot, this is the one! “Blooms, blooms and more blooms. Need I say more? Just make sure you keep it out of the hot sun.”