Most home gardeners consider annual flowers among their favourites. The term “annual” describes plants that go through their entire life cycle—from germination to seed production—in a single year. Because they last only one growing season, annuals are versatile members of the garden.

Top 2023 Annuals

  • Petunia Bee’s Knees (Trailing) Annual

    A vigorous trailing petunia that adds great colour to mixed baskets and is finally a true yellow that holds it’s colour all summer long, with no fading out.

  • Begonia Scentiment Peachy Kean Annual

    Giant double blooms, smother this plant. Great for baskets, but will require part to full shade. The bonus with this one, as the name suggests, is that the flowers are very fragrant.

  • Geranium Big Eeze Annual

    A perfectly shaped plant with sturdy branches that hold vibrant coloured large headed blooms. This is one of the best flowering plants developed in the last few years!

  • Calibrachoa Hula Gold Metal Annual

    The top selected calibrachoa at breeder trials and that makes perfect sense. Bold and bright with unstoppable flower power. Great in containers and baskets.

  • Celosia Dragon’s Breath Annual

    Extra large bright red plumes on deep red foliage which grows 24” tall and 16” wide. A real show off of a plant that requires full sun and handles drought well.

  • Osteospermum Margaritas Bronze Flair Annual

    A must have in containers. A flower that opens up with the sun each day and attracts pollinators such as bee’s, butterflies and hummingbirds.

  • Begonia BIG Annual

    Striking and low maintenance, this begonia thrives in many conditions, from full sun to full shade, and requires no deadheading. Growing 20” tall and wide this plants can be used to make a statement in containers of garden beds.

  • Coleus Main Street Series Annual

    As a series these coleus vary in size growing up to 24” high with a complete selection of colours and patterns on a compact plant. It will add colour to your containers without overwhelming them.

  • Impatiens New Guinea XL Orange Annual

    It’s a great choice for containers in shade or semi-shade, but will still love the heat. With huge almost florescent flowers and dense form with glossy green leaves, what’s not to love?

  • Salvia Rockin’ Playin’ the Blues Annual

    This fragrant thriller has spikes of densely packed blue flowers. Very easy to care for and drought tolerant. Watch the hummingbirds squabble over the flowers all day long.