There has never been a better or more interesting time to grow an edible garden – vegetables and herbs. It’s one of the most rewarding types of gardening because you reap such a rich harvest for your work – fresh, healthy, and flavourful food at a great price. It’s hard to beat the flavour of a sun-warmed tomato or fresh crisp lettuce straight from the garden in a sandwich or salad.

Your best chance of success comes if you keep a couple of things in mind when planning your veggie plot. Sunshine – vegetables need about 6 – 8 hours daily. Water – about 1″ per week, so have a sprinkler handy in case it doesn’t rain. Soil – rich in organic matter but well drained is best. Reap what you sow! Eat what you grow!

Top 2024 Veggies

  • Steak Sandwich Tomato Vegetable

    A staple vegetable for Erna, the Steak Sandwich tomato plant provides huge meaty fruit that doesn’t crack. “My family, friends and customers would all say I can’t stop talking about this beefsteak tomato. So yummy on sandwiches and burgers, with flavour to spare.”

  • Giant Macaroni Pepper Vegetable

    Mildly sweet with a just a hint of heat. This pepper is huge, thick-walled and great for making stuffed peppers.

  • Sweet Mama Squash Vegetable

    We absolutely love the sweet nutty taste of this squash. “It is perfect for roasting, or try stuffing it with tomatoes, onions, peppers and quinoa… Yum!”

  • Cucumber Patio Snacker Vegetable

    Fresh cucumbers are so delicious, and the Cucumber Patio Snacker is and amazing little plant. This plant is small enough to keep in a pot all summer, but still produces tons of fruit. “Crisp and sweet, the fruit is great for salads, that is if you don’t eat them all before they make it into the kitchen.”

  • Melon Snowmass Vegetable

    A new addition to the Oakridge Greenhouse, the Melon Snowmass promises to thrive in our Manitoba heat and provide one of the most flavourful honeydew varieties.

  • Fresh Salsa Tomato Vegetable

    This plant produces so much fruit, one plant goes a long long way. “I love it for both salsa and paste because of its meaty flesh and abundance of flavour.”

  • Pepper Aji Rico Vegetable

    This spicy little number from Chile has a crisp citrus undertone and medium heat. “We love it because it produces early in the season and can be eaten at any stage. Crush it, roast it or just eat it fresh.”

  • Sweet Potato Vegetable

    Whether you call it a Yam or a Sweet Potato, these are a delicious addition to your veggie garden. You decide how you like it, French fried, roasted or mashed.

  • Red Carpet Onion Vegetable

    In Erna’s opinion, every salad should have a few slices of this crisp, mild red onion. “It stores incredibly well so you’ll still be eating it into January.”

  • Cut & Come Again Vegetable

    We just couldn’t decide which salad green we like the best, so we thought we’d give you a selection we call “Cut & Come Again”. They are Raddichio, Romaine, Savannah Mustard, Buttercrunch and Swiss Chard. Plant them all, you can’t go wrong!