Healthy eating starts here! Think fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and you’ll find them all in the fruit trees and shrubs that you can plant in your yard or garden. Imagine letting your children eat endless amounts of free fruit and watch as they also grow into healthy eaters. Consider planting an apple, pear or plum tree for fibre; or honeyberries, blueberries or goji berries for high levels of antioxidants. Strawberry patches are a non-guilty pleasure, and grapes are great for the table or for making jams, jellies or wine.

Top 2023 Fruit

  • Apple – Odyssey Fruit

    Fruit ripens in late August and is crisp and sweet with a flavour that compares to Royal Gala. It also stores very well into winter. Prairie hardy to Zone 3, this tree can be cross pollinated with other varieties of apple and crabapples

  • Pear – Golden Spice Fruit

    Beautiful in bloom with clusters of white flowers. This tree will produce oblong, golden fruit that has a sweet flavour and crisp texture. Fruit ripens in early to mid-fall and can be used for fresh eating, canning or baking. Canning spiced pears is a great Manitoba tradition that allows you to enjoy this tree all year long.

  • Haskap (Honeyberry) Fruit

    Haskap is an edible honeysuckle that is loaded with antioxidants. More than one variety is required for cross pollination, and it will not self pollinate. This small shrub is free from diseases and pests.

  • Raspberry – Red River Fruit

    This variety of raspberry is a primocane, which means it bears fruit on new growthm and can be mowed down at the end of each season without affecting your harvest. The bush is a heavy producer with is very sweet, medium-sized berries that are great fresh, frozen or preserved.

  • Grapes – Blue Ice Fruit

    One of the hardiest varieties of large blue grapes that become sweet and juicy in fall. It is a vigorous vine that produces an abundance of fruit and serves well as a privacy screen for your yard.

  • Apricot – Westcot Fruit

    Shell pink flowers make this tree a stunner in early spring. It will require a pollinator to produce its meaty and firm fruit. Its sweet taste makes it great for canning or fresh eating.

  • Plum – Pembina Fruit

    Being the largest and sweetest plum we can grow in Manitoba, Pembina Plums are an excellent choice for the yard. Dark skinned plum with a juicy yellow flesh are ready in late August. Any wild plums or a Nanking Cherry will pollinate this tree, but another Pembina Plum will not.

  • Cherry – Crimson Passion Fruit

    It is one of the Valentine series of cherries, which are the sweetest Manitoba hardy varieties, but still considered a sour cherry. Available in both tree and shrub form, it produces cherries that are fantastic for jam, preserves or wine making.

  • Blueberry – Polaris Fruit

    We carry several varieties of blueberries and to us they all grow really well so we feel that you really can’t go wrong with any of them. This variety is exceptionally cold hardy and delicious.

  • Citrus (Lemon, Limes, Oranges and Grapefruit) Fruit

    Though not at all cold hardy, these plants will thrive in our hot, humid Manitoba summers, and produce fruit very reliably. Once you’ve grown your own lemons you may never want to buy one at the supermarket again. Just remember to bring your tree or shrub inside when temperatures drop to 5 degrees Celsius in fall and only put them out in spring once risk of frost has passed.