Landscape Design & Installation

From a whole new yard to just a new bed in an established yard we can design it for you. Call us for an appointment for a 2 hour consultation or a full working design. Whatever your dreams are for your outdoor living space we can install it for you.

Plant Selection

We know it can be daunting for many of our customers to make the right choice of plants for their yard and we would love to help with that task. With a basic sketch of your area we can better help you choose plants when you come in.

Custom Containers

Bring us your empty patio pots and we’ll design and plant them to your specifications.  Containers can be picked up or delivered to your door.

During the Christmas season we create centerpieces, wreaths, and front door containers.  You can bring us your own pots or browse through our endless options.


Can’t bring it home with you, we’ll deliver for a modest fee.

During the Christmas season we also deliver poinsettias, custom front door containers and live Christmas trees.

Spring Cleanup

Dethatching is the removal of a layer of thatch (dead grass and dead root stems). Dethatching allows water and nutrients to penetrate through the soil surface and allows for more new grass growth resulting in a thicker lawn. This service also includes power brooming and first lawn cut.

Power Brooming

Removal of sand and gravel from boulevards.


Relieves soil compaction by removing small plugs of soil and dropping them back on the lawn. This allows more oxygen for the roots so they can absorb more water and nutrients, improving the overall health of your lawn.


Planting new grass seed within an existing lawn to help thicken and fill in bare spots.

Lawn Mowing

Weekly programs to cut and trim all grass areas and maintain a proper mowing height with removal of grass clippings during peak times and mulching during slower growing times.


Tree maintenance that aids in tree structure and health, make a tree healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

Lawn Fertilization/Weed Control

Fertilizing programs to aid in thickening and strengthening your lawn to help discourage weed growth. Weed control will help to suppress initial weed development as the lawn thickens up.

Tree/Shrub Fertilizing

Applying proper amounts of fertilizer for trees and shrubs as their requirements are different than lawns

Fall Cleanup

Removal of leaves from lawn and beds and a final mowing

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