Tropicals are perfect for enhancing the beauty of your indoor space or giving an exotic look to your outdoor containers. Reena, our Tropical expert admits there may have been a few plant casualties in the learning process, but that has given her the knowledge to help you pick your perfect plant. She is always on the lookout for new and beautiful plants to bring in, whether you are a seasoned plant owner, or just starting out, we have the plant for you! Check out our top 10 picks for 2020 that are the perfect start or addition to your plant collection.

Top 2021 Tropicals

  • Zig-Zag (Ric-Rac) Cactus Tropical

    This plant is Reena’s obsession and we’ve finally been able to source it. It’s a rare beauty that’s has a waxy succulent type foliage and unique blooms. It a trailer that prefers medium to bright light and doers not require much watering. Well drained soil is preferred as it will not like standing water, and can dry up quite a bit between waterings.

  • Pothos! All of Them! Tropical

    Trailing plants are so on trend this year and we just can’t get enough of them. They like bright indirect light (but will also tolerate low light). Low to moderate watering is best. Some of our favorite varieties include Micans, Brasil and Silver Satin.

  • Sanseveria (Sayuri) Tropical

    These are more commonly called snake plants or mother-in-laws tongue. We love them because they are so easy to care for. They strive on neglect. They require very little water (once every two weeks is most often enough, and prefer low light conditions but can handle a moderate amount of indirect sunlight. Sayuri is a great addition to the sanseveria family. Also keep watch for Night Owl and Black Gold varieties.

  • Pepperomia Puteolata or Mini Watermelon Pepperomia Tropical

    This semi trailing plant is great for small spaces. Mesmerized by the adorable perfectly striped leaves.

  • ZZ Plant (Zamiocolus) Tropical

    Another great tropical that strives on neglect. It requires low light and low water which makes it the perfect office plant. Plus it’s bound to be noticed for it’s unique shiny foliage.

  • Split Leaf Phildendon Monstera Tropical

    This plant gives that urban jungle vibe. It starts out with new foliage in a large heart shape, but as the plant matures the leaf splits into an intricate pattern. This rapid growing tropical likes bright light, moderate to heavy watering.

  • Cateracterum Palm Tropical

    This palm is great as a houseplant or use to add a tropical flare to your patio containers in the warmer months. It loves bright light and regular deep watering (but not sitting water). It’s quick growing and full throughout.

  • Hoya Plant! All of Them! Tropical

    These trendy plants are on everyone’s instagram page including mine. They come in so many shapes, sizes and colors, it’s impossible to choose just one. They need a bright location and very little watering. They are the perfect trailing plant for those macrame hangers.

  • Calathea Lancifolia (Rattlesnake) Tropical

    These guys are for the more intermediate plant owner but once established are such a beautifully unique addition to any collection. With so many varieties of calathea to choose from, this one stood out for us because of it’s oblong foliage and perfect symmetrical patterns. Can you tell I Like symmetry?

  • Burgundy Rubber Plant Tropical

    Last but not least, the Burgundy Rubber Plant. Though this ones been around for quite some time, we still love it. So easy to care for it prefers bright indirect sunlight, and moderate watering (once a week is optimal). Don’t forget to dust off those leaves so you can really see that shiny foliage. With all the green out there, it’s nice to have a dark leaved option for your home plus that bright red regrowth adds a beautiful pop of colour.