Tropicals are perfect for enhancing the beauty of your indoor space or giving an exotic look to your outdoor containers. Reena, our Tropical expert admits there may have been a few plant casualties in the learning process, but that has given her the knowledge to help you pick your perfect plant. She is always on the lookout for new and beautiful plants to bring in, whether you are a seasoned plant owner, or just starting out, we have the plant for you! Check out our top 10 picks for 2022 that are the perfect start or addition to your plant collection.

Top 2024 Tropicals

  • Philodendron Silver Sword Tropical

    True to its name this unique house plant had a beautiful silvery almost mirror like foliage. It prefers bright indirect light, light well draining soil and moderate humidity. Allowing the top few inched of soil to dry out between watering is key to its success. Silver sword grows moderately fast, especially with regular fertilizing and can reach up to 10” tall in its native climate though it may not see that as a houseplant.

  • Birds of Paradise Tropical

    You may have noticed this plant in the landscape on your last tropical getaway, as it is a showstopper. Its large broad upright growing leaves make it a statement piece even when it is not in bloom. Because of this it make for a great plant both indoors and out (in summer). Bird of Paradise loves bright light and high humidity. Unlike other tropicals, it can also handle heavier watering so it pairs well with brightly coloured annual on your patio containers.

  • Hoya Plant Tropical

    With so many varieties is hard not to want to collect them all. Each variety will have it’s own unique look and style of bloom, but most are known for their waxy leaves and flowers. Most hoyas prefer bright indirect light and moderate humidity. They do however appreciate their soil being allowed to dry between watering. Using a light well draining soil is very important when growing these plants and they do not like their roots to stay waterlogged.

  • Chinese Fan Palm Tropical

    This plant has gorgeous broad green fan like foliage that make a impact all their own. Regular deep watering (no standing water and higher humidity areas will keep the tips from browning. A bright location out of direct sun is perfect for this palm to thrive.

  • Calathea Tropical

    This plant is all about the foliage. There are so many varieties of calathea, each with their own unique colour pattern, it’s hard to choose just one. Calathea will do best in low light locations with high humidity and regular watering. Looking for a plant for the bathroom or basement? This is it.

  • ZZ Plant (Zamiocolus) Tropical

    Another great tropical that strives on neglect. It requires low light and low water which makes it the perfect office plant. Plus it’s bound to be noticed for it’s unique shiny foliage.

  • Cordyline Red Sister Tropical

    This plant will add a vibrant pop of colour with its strappy fuchsia to burgundy toned foliage. It will make an impact on its own or added as a “thriller” to your patio container. Bonus it will bring a little bit of the tropics to your home. Moderate watering (allowing soil to dry half way), well drained soil, bright indirect light and moderate to high humidity are best for this tropical beauty.

  • Boston Fern Tropical

    This house plant is a classic because of its lush green foliage and vigour. Boston Ferns are thirsty plants that love a deep soaking. To keep these plant looking their best place them in the shower and soaking both the soil and foliage for about 5-10 minutes once a week. They will handle full shade to part sun, and work great both inside and out (in summer).

  • Ficus Tineke Tropical

    The colour variations on this plant are fantastic! Though this ones been around for quite some time, we still love it. So easy to care for it prefers bright indirect sunlight, and moderate watering (once a week is optimal). Don’t forget to dust off those leaves so you can really see that shiny foliage.

  • Strings of Everything! Tropical

    Pearls, beans, turtles, dolphins, heart and more… I (Reena) just love everything about these delicate trailing vines!!