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Summer Fashion Update

By Megan

With every passing season, we’re seeing more and more beautiful style trends coming and going. This summer, we have stunning styles to emphasize light, airy, and feminine fashion. They’re functionally comfortable in the summer heat while adding fun and feminine twists to fit the latest trends. We’re taking our spring pastels and patterns trends and turning it up a notch with new fashion items to fit every wardrobe.

Tencel Cropped Pant

Cropped pants have been a summer staple for decades. The length isn’t so short that we feel exposed, but it’s also not long enough that we are left sweltering in the heat. In fact, they work together to create a perfect balance that is beautiful, fashionable, and comfortable.

Tencel has taken that level of comfort even further. This fabric is unbelievably soft and breathable. While it might feel delicate and luxurious, it is a strong, durable fabric that resists wrinkles, making it the perfect material for a flowy

summer cropped pant. The loose, airy concept offers the breathability of a skirt, but the versatility of a pant. We love this pastel blue that pairs well with any pattern for a statement-making outfit that is sure to be a hit this summer whether you’re at a backyard barbeque or running errands.

Ruffled blouse
off the shoulder floral midi dress


Ruffles have been in and out of style time and time again throughout history. The simple, delicate frills of fabric add dimension to create texture and intrigue in an outfit. Not every ruffle in history has been created equal, though! While fashion trends have previously boasted stacked layers upon layers of ruffles, this year, ruffles are taking a more subtle and manageable approach.

2018’s ruffles are accenting ornaments used to compliment the clothing with a feminine flair – not to drown you in layers of extra fabric. This year you will see a careful frill of a sleeve, or a delicate band of ruffle on the neckline – like on this stunning pastel blue top or our lovely spice-coloured floral peasant top. However you wear them, ruffles are sure to add the subtle feminine touch you’re looking for, for a perfectly pretty look.

Off Shoulder

Off shoulder fashions are one of the simplest and most effortless beauty trends of 2018. The demure display of skin accentuates our shoulders and collarbone for a look that is simple and stylish. Like the ruffle, it’s an easy way to add a little dimension to an outfit, while also allowing our skin to breathe.

Our off-shoulder look this year is not limited to one style, either. In fact, there are many styles to choose from! We have the cute cold-shoulder look with a loose, draping shoulder held up with a simple strap – like on this beautiful floral piece. We also have full shoulder flaunters that accentuates your neck and collarbone with in a pretty and relaxed way – like on our off-shoulder peasant tops!

Midi Dresses

For years the maxi dress has dominated style trends around the globe. With the heat of the summer, though, there’s nothing better than feeling a little more breeze. The midi dress is the perfect halfway meeting point of short and long for a style that is casual without being uncomfortably revealing or too short to be functional.

To find the perfect mid-length style, look for a dress that is just above the knees, but no longer than the mid calf. Like our off-shoulder look, the goal here isn’t to display skin, but to suggest it. For an easy summer look, find a light fabric packed with a fabulous floral pattern – like this off-shoulder printed midi dress.

floral midi dress

This summer is all about comfort and femininity. Grab your hat and sunglasses and make waves this season in style every time. To see these styles and more summer trends, visit our boutique today!

sunglasses and hat