It’s that time if year….exactly one month till Christmas!  We’ve been so busy, getting ready for a number of different events and now we’re excited to settle into the spirit of the season.  At Oakridge, we have all of your live fresh Christmas decorating supplies available.  We use these daily to create stunning outdoor pots, wreaths and centrepieces!  All to bring nature into and outside of your home….creating the perfect atmosphere.

From fragrant greens, such as fir, balsam and cedar, to birch, dogwood, curly willow, Alpine Huck, live-cut holly and oregonia.

Oregonia, you ask!…..

A fresh, live green, Oregonia is a wonderful bulk filler for table arrangements or outdoor containers.  Oregonia is available in solid green or variegated.  It adds character and depth to any live, green arrangement  with its long lasting life.  For outdoor containers, Oregonia works well.  It freezes and looks just like it does inside.  As a side note, don’t freeze it if you plan on using it inside…..

Come by Oakridge and ask any of our greenhouse staff about all of our live greens.  And don’t forget that we run workshops and can help you put together your own outdoor pots, wreaths and centrepieces, using these great products!  See u soon!