All of our fresh greens arrangements at Oakridge are designed in wet floral foam also known as “Oasis” foam.  To keep your Christmas arrangement looking vigrant and fresh follow these few, easy steps.
* Check for water in the container every 3 days or so, depending on how warm and dry your home is.  If you don’t feel water add warm water to 1 inch from the top of container.
* You can also apply a mist with a spray bottle every day or couple days. The greens will take up moisture through the needles.
* It’s natural for an odd green to dry up, so in this case have a couple stems of greens on hand (keep them in a cool place till needed). Take out the dry stems and add a fresh one to your arrangement.
* A very important step is to keep your arrangement away from a heat source, this will dry out your greens too fast.
Following these steps your beautiful arrangement will last up to 5 – 6 weeks in your home.
At Oakridge we are creating new arrangements daily.  You can come choose a ready made one, have us design one to suite your specific taste or come take a workshop class with Theresa or Cindy.  They are our experts!  Bring out some girls and have a blast!