The sun is out and we’re smiling!  It is an ideal spring day, a light blue sky, flecked with little fleecy white clouds drifting across.  The sun is shining very brightly and yet there’s that exhilerating nip in the air, which sets an edge to your energy this morning, only to warm you this afternoon.     

OK, onto to business.  If you’ve noticed the bins at the front of our tree/shrub yard, they are now full.  We are venturing into bulk soil sales.  It’s exciting to us to be able to serve you with ALL of your landscaping and gardening needs, and this is another addition to the business that has been long anticipated.  You can purchase the bulk products in a 1/2 yard or by the yard.  We are carrying:

 Garden mix soil

11/2″ Riverstone-clean

3/4″ Limestone-clean

3/4″ Limestone-down 

Natural bark Mulch &

Chocolate Mulch – Our new favorite.                                              Come back your truck up!