When landscaping your yard, trees are often chosen due to their attractive features. Try to consider how tall or wide the tree can eventually become. Some trees are great for providing shade while others are more suited as wind screen protection, or as to screen a certain area of your yard from views from a neighbours window. (Hot tub!)

If you want to attract birds, trees can also be a natural food source and home for many generations to come. Also consider that mature trees on your yard will increase your property value when it comes time to sell your home. Don’t delay, plant a tree this year!

A selection of trees

  • Black Hawk Mountain Ash Rounded | Attracts birds
  • Bur Oak Stately tree | Great shade
  • Gladiator Flowering Crabapple Ornamental flowers | 20h x 10w
  • Golden Willow Fast growing | Golden branches
  • Hackberry Native | Very tough
  • Harvest Gold Linden Upright | Fall interest
  • Hot Wings Maple Upright | Rounded | Red samaras
  • Mancana Ash Oval | Shapely | Favourite
  • Ohio Buckeye Great foliage | Nuts
  • Silver Maple Hardy | Fast growing | 60h x 30w
  • Thunderchild Flowering Crabapple Ornamental | Rose pink flowers