In the simplest terms a perennial is a plant that lives for two or more years and when we talk about them we are usually referring to plants (herbaceous perennials) that die down for winter but re-emerge in spring. Trees and shrubs are perennial as well but they are woody and not herbaceous. For a gardener it’s hard to beat the excitement of the first perennial leaves emerging after a long winter.

Perennials are often planted in groups in either meandering borders or as the backbone of flower or shrub beds. With attention to details like light requirements, zone hardiness, soil types and moisture needs perennials can reward you with years of blooms or texture. In fact, many thrive for decades and can be divided and passed on to fellow gardeners.

A selection of perennials

  • Aquilegia Songbird Cardinal Showy with a long bloom time
  • Aralia Sun King Tropical looking and shrub-like
  • Astilbe Colorflash Dramatic ever changing foliage
  • Echinacea Hot Coral Vibrant and drought tolerant
  • Hemerocallis Fooled Me Super bloomer with over 500 blooms per year
  • Heuchera Peach Crisp Ruffled mini collector plant
  • Hosta Rainforest Sunrise Vigorous grower with bright gold leaf centers
  • Lily Tiny Double You Fully double | Prolific bloomer
  • Malva Zebrina Tall | 2" lavender blossoms
  • Panicum Hot Rod Upright | Fiery red grass
  • Perennial Phlox Fragrant with long lasting blooms
  • Tradescantia Blue & Gold Wonderful color contrast