At Oakridge, our amazing customers and members of our community are at the core of why we do what we do every day. We know there are many wonderful organizations out there we can partner with to help with their fundraising efforts. Whether it is for daycare, preschool, athletics, arts, church, youth or school programs like band or choir, we would love to help you reach your fundraising goals!

Our Fundraisers

Our fundraising program is available throughout the year with different products available depending on the season. Check out our current fundraisers below.

We want to ensure that your fundraising efforts are a success. If you’re considering running a fundraiser and have any questions, or to enroll, contact Reena.

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Holiday 2022 Fundraiser

Our Holiday 2022 Fundraiser features fabulous holiday-themed products including front door containers, live wreaths, premium door swags and of course, Poinsettias. To ensure your fundraiser is a success, each organization will receive a $6-10 profit per each item sold.

  • Front Door Container

    This beautiful pre-made container features mixed live greens, berries, pine cones and a holiday bow.


  • Poinsettias

    This classic holiday plant is available in red, white, pink or tricolor and available three sizes. 6” single, 7” double and 10” premium. Please note the tricolor is only available in the 10″ premium size.

    $23 (6"), $34 (7"), $48 (10")

  • 20″ Live Wreath

    A fantastic holiday accent, this 20” wreath features live greens, pinecones and an optional beautiful holiday bow.

    $48, with Bow: $52

  • Premium Door Swag with Holiday Bow

    A holiday feature on any front door, this premium door swag includes assorted live greens and an optional beautiful holiday bow.

    $38, with Bow: $43