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Fresh Table Decor for Holiday Dining

christmas decorated winter porch pot

Fresh Table Decor for Holiday Dining

By Erna
As Christmas draws closer, so do our relatives. Hosting is as much a part of the holidays as gift-giving and tree-trimming, and is just as much of an art. Creating a comfortable gathering place takes a little extra planning and thoughtfulness that guests often don’t expect. Here’s how to decorate a holiday table that will set the tone for a warm and welcoming occasion:

Christmas Centrepieces

If we choose just one Christmas table decoration this season, it should be the centrepiece! There are so many creative possibilities for creating DIY holiday centrepieces that are both beautiful and inexpensive:

Birch Logs and Pillar Candles: Christmas tree farms are a great place to look for cut birchwood stumps, which can be repurposed as rustic candle stands. Arrange several with different heights and widths to create a “candle forest” arrangement.

Illuminated Evergreen Clippings: Arrange a garland of cedar or pine down the centre of the table and decorate with nature-inspired

oakridge winter porch pot
accents, like pinecones, winterberries, or flocking. To bring in some light, try adding candles or LED fairy lights to the arrangement!
Decorated Bare Branches:
For those of us who prefer the graceful silhouette of bare deciduous tree branches over traditional, lush evergreen needles, these arrangements look stunning. Arrange small clippings of bare tree branches into a vase and decorate them with lightweight, coordinating ornaments or twinkling mini-lights. Dogwood’s natural red colour is especially on-theme for this idea with stems as red as a Christmas sleigh!

Fruits of the Season: Glass vessels filled with holiday clementines make a zesty display paired with sprigs of evergreen or eucalyptus.

Holiday Succulent Garden: Re-pot succulents into a small distressed-wood box arranged with more traditional holiday greenery. This is a surefire way to put a contemporary twist on a traditional Christmas centrepiece!

Holiday Table Decor

Table decor comes down to coordinating colours and materials for a harmonious look. These easy holiday decorations provide a backdrop for our dinner table’s biggest moment of the year.

Table Linens: For minimalists, white crochet table runners are very on-trend

winter porch pot in urn
right now and contrast evergreen centrepieces and accents beautifully. For something a little more luxe, try pairing two table runners of different widths to create depth and richness. Rustic neutrals, like burlap, paired with a bold fabric, like a plaid or shimmering gold tulle, create a warm, homey look. For a fun look, an extra-long holiday scarf can work just as well!

Napkin “Rings”: We love the trend of wrapping napkins in ribbon or twine with a cedar clipping and a cinnamon stick tucked in the middle. It’s perfect for putting a natural, woodsy element on the table to match the rest of your decor.

Christmas Cutlery: It’s been easier and easier lately to find quality cutlery in holiday-friendly shades, like gold and matte black. Choose a set that works with your table’s colour palette to add the look of precious metal or a visually interesting element of contrast.

Table Favours for Holiday Gatherings

        There’s no better time than the season of giving to place table favours for your holiday guests! These customized tokens acknowledge each guest, helping them truly feel that they have a place at the table.

closeup of holiday decorated porch pot with berries, lights and pinecones
Cranberry Wreaths: A little fishing line, a large sewing needle, and a bag of fresh cranberries are all that’s needed to assemble these quick and pretty table favours. Cut butcher paper into miniature banners to make labels for each guest.
Custom Cookies: Baking a batch of sugar cookies? Use holiday-themed cookie cutters, cookie glaze, and a fine-tipped icing tube to customize each cookie with guests’ names.

Mistletoe: Whether fresh or artificial, mistletoe is a holiday tradition that has grown so old, it’s new again. Write

wooden sleigh with winter porch pots
guests’ names on elegant gift tags to tie into each sprig to place on each guest’s napkin and expect to witness at least one sneaky kiss!
closeup of red berries in winter porch pot
Your winter porch pot and coordinating decor will make your whole home look more inviting while lightening the spirits of all who pass it – and we all know that during these short winter days, we could use all the light we can get!

Winter Porch Pots

christmas decorated winter porch pot

Winter Porch Pots

By Erna

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields that it kisses them so gently?”

-Lewis Carroll

On the coldest days of winter here in Manitoba, all we can think about is wrapping ourselves in warm blankets and snuggling by the fire with a mug of hot cocoa. Those cozy evenings have a way of making us feel like all is right in the world, despite the howling winds and blowing snow outside! After a day of work or running errands, when all you can think about is getting back to your toasty nest, it’s a wonderful thing to see a little bit of that cheerful winter spirit waiting for you on the front porch. With the power to lift spirits of guests or passers-by, and to bring a smile to your face as you reach for your keys, winter porch pots add a few extra degrees of warmth to your home’s exterior.

Making a Winter Porch Pot

Winter porch pots are, in essence, container gardens brimming with winter greenery. Evergreens are the natural choice for creating a seasonal look that keeps its colour and beauty. Simply select cuttings from a variety of conifers and other winter plants, and arrange them artistically to suit your taste. The basic steps to building your porch pot are:

Choose a Container – Your container makes almost as much of a statement as the greenery inside! Set the tone with a reclaimed wood barrel for a farmhouse look, a sleek-looking concrete planter for a modern industrial vibe, or a stately urn for

oakridge winter porch pot

traditional appeal. Fill your chosen container with dense potting soil.

Select Your Evergreens – Porch pots look best with boughs from 3-4 different conifers with contrasting sizes and textures, like juniper, spruce, pine, and cedar. Gather several clippings of each before you begin.

Assemble the Porch Pot – Sturdier clippings, like the spruce, look great in the centre, while draping pine needles look elegant trailing over the side of the pot. Juniper makes a great cover to fill in gaps. Fan-like shapes, like cedar clippings, look beautiful as a backdrop to the arrangement. Get creative with your placement, but make sure to sink each clipping into the pot deep enough to withstand strong gusts of wind!

winter porch pot in urn

Decorate the Arrangement – Add flair to your winter porch pot by adding sprigs of real or artificial winter berries, curly willow, or oversized pine cones. Stouter shapes, like the pine cones, will look best as a central focal point, but tall shapes, like the curly willow, look better as accents on the sides and near the back of the arrangement.

Holiday Porch Pots – To give your porch pot a little Christmas spirit, add festive decorations, like red buffalo ribbons and bows, and add string lights to finish the look.

Front Porch Winter Decor Ideas

    If you love the look of the porch pots, you may be tempted to coordinate the rest of your front porch decor to match. Here are some fun decorations you can add to finish the look.

Wreaths – You’ve likely hung your wreath on

closeup of holiday decorated porch pot with berries, lights and pinecones

the door before you’ve even though to take on a porch pot project! However, if you haven’t yet, consider matching the greenery of your wreath to the ones in your winter porch pot.

Birch Poles – Birch accents are all the rage right now, and a pile of birch “firewood” or crafty displays made with birch poles will put your front door decor in line with the trend.

Vintage Sleighs and Skates – These adorable decorations add a little Canadiana to your front entry when rested against your home’s facade.

Outdoor Benches – Add a little extra coziness to a covered front porch with an outdoor bench, complete with a plush

wooden sleigh with winter porch pots

blanket in a synthetic material and outdoor-safe cushion. Choosing a storage bench makes for a clever storage solution for de-icing salts and winter boots!

closeup of red berries in winter porch pot

Your winter porch pot and coordinating decor will make your whole home look more inviting while lightening the spirits of all who pass it – and we all know that during these short winter days, we could use all the light we can get!

Six Days of Christmas Gift Giving

Christmas shopping has begun! Not only can the stress of the busiest shopping season of the year get you down, but sometimes finding the perfect gift for the right person can be the hardest part!
Luckily here at Oakridge we are surrounded by many wonderful things, all that make excellent gifts – to help you out a bit this season we have chosen 6 unique gift ideas for those tough recipients on your list.

imag3102-01Day One
One of the highlights of the holiday season is the wonderful decor and a well placed arrangement can really add Christmas cheer to a room. For the outdoor lover or someone looking to add green to their space (but keep it low maintenance), one of our handcrafted fresh pine and cedar arrangements may be the place to look! We have a wide selection of creative pieces pre-made or you can talk to one of our wonderful staff and they can custom design for that special person. With pricing that fits most budgets there is sure to be a special arrangement for everyone!

Finchberry Soap in Ultra Violet

Finchberry Soap in Ultra Violet

Day Two
This gluten-free, vegan friendly and preservative free bar looks just like a delicious treat! Here in the gift shop we are now happy to offer Finchberry handcrafted soaps! Perfect for the person (maybe a teacher or a hardworking student) on your list who deserves a little extra pampering with these luxury soaps. Not only are these bars a treat for your skin but also a delight on the edge of any bathtub! And bonus that these soaps will keep your bathroom smelling amazing for months!

FitKicks on vacation

FitKicks on vacation

Day Three
Is there a guy on your list that you are having trouble shopping for? For that active living or adventurous man on the go, perfect for travel, exercise, on the beach and water sports – FitKicks will be a hit! “With a pair of mens lightweight FitKicks, available in navy or black, guys will also find it easier to be more active as part of their everyday lives, from taking the stairs to walking to the store, all in comfort and style.” We Carry FitKicks for women as well!


Day Four
Whether you know a fantastic baker or a cook we have the perfect kitchen accessories to add to any kitchen! If your looking for a little gadget to make life in the kitchen easier or to jazz up some counter space there is something for everyone. Beautiful unique aprons and tea towels to mixing bowls and espresso cups. Anyone your shopping for from the timid to the experienced in the kitchen – we can help you to find the perfect gift!


Milkhouse Candles in Victorian Christmas, White Cedar & Spice, Peppermint Pine Needle

Day Five
Milkhouse Candle Company proudly boasts the cleanest burning candles on the market. Made without the use of artificial dyes, make these candles the perfect accent to any room. With their wide variety of scents, there is sure to be a perfect match for that special person on your list. For anyone with concerns on what they are burning in their home, these candles are made of pure beeswax and natural soy wax, staying away from the harsh chemicals and carcinogens that many worry about in paraffin candles. Woodsy to sweet treats; there are many scents to choose from to find a favourite!


Day Six
What better gift to give to someone on your list then the gift of time together! Here at Oakridge we offer many wonderful treats and homemade lunches full of fresh ingredients! Treat someone you love to a coffee date (and maybe sneak in one of our fabulous seasonal cheesecakes) or send them a gift certificate, available in any price denomination, so they can treat themselves! With so much to offer there is sure to be something on their list they will love!

Save the Date: 12 Doors of Christmas

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28th–10:00am-5:00pm
Head to Oakridge for our popular Christmas open house, featuring fabulous Christmas decor, kids workshops and delicious treats including home made cider, coffee and cookies. Stay tuned for more information.

Save the Date: Christmas Unwrapped

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14th from 6:30pm-10:00pm
Join us for our 2015 Christmas event. Drop in any time to get some of our unique ideas for Christmas decorating and entertaining, and get a quick peek into this years holiday fashion show at 7:30pm. RSVP and pickup tickets at Oakridge.

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Artificial Christmas Tree SPECIAL!

Purchase an artificial Christmas tree from now until November 11th, and receive 15% back in a gift certificate.

Book Today! Take your Christmas Photo in our Winter Wonderland

Looking for that perfect backdrop for your Christmas photo? Look no further than the Oakridge Winter Wonderland. Staff will be on hand to snap a photo with your camera, or you are welcome to bring your own photographer. Book your spot today, available Saturday’s from 10am – 4pm.

Christmas Workshops

Christmas workshops


4:30pm – Winter Fairy Garden
Bring your child or grandchild and make your own fairy garden with magical details. One adult per two children please.


6:30pm – Traditional Holiday Urns or Festive Welcome Planters
Create a front door container in either of the top two styles with your choice of colours, decoration and ribbon.

6:30pm – Table Centre Pieces
Create a centre piece in either a cool contemporary or warm traditional style with your choice of colours, decoration and ribbon.


9:30am – Outdoor Wreaths
Make a wreath out of fresh fir, cedar and pine, and decorate with pinecones, berries and ribbon.

11:00am – Hanging Baskets
Create a festive basket using fresh greens in your choice of a whicker cone or flat bottom basket.

1:30pm – Table Centre Pieces
Create a centre piece in either a cool contemporary or warm traditional style with your choice of colours, decoration and ribbon.

3:00pm – Traditional Holiday Urns or Festive Welcome Planters
Create a front door container in either of the top two styles with your choice of colours, decoration and ribbon.


11:00am – Grinch Trees
For children age 5-12 with one adult per child. Make your very own Grinch tree.

1:30 PM – Winter fairy garden
Open to all ages. Make your own fairy garden with magical details

5 or more people – we can specialize a class just for you!

– Call 204-326-1015 to register