Your garden doesn’t end at the edges of your backyard. We know that an appreciation for nature can inspire every aspect of your life, from healthy dining to home decorating. That’s why our team has been working together to create the Oakridge Lifestyle blog: covering everything from gardening and fashion trends, to home decor and spring planting – a little of everything to leave you feeling inspired.

Fall Garden Clean-Up

Did You Know – Removing plant debris and raking in the fall can greatly reduce the pests and disease that can harm your plants in the over wintering process. Giving your garden beds that quick clean-up can keep them looking good longer into the fall season and will give your plants a better chance of
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How to Get Your Indoor Plants Ready for Fall

With summer winding down and the days becoming shorter, it’s time to prepare our indoor plants for the months ahead. Check out these tips for getting your plants ready for Fall.   Bring Your Plants Indoors If your indoor plants have been outside enjoying the warmth and humidity of summer, it’s time to bring them
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Your summer activities of going to the beach, playing golf and family barbeques has dramatically slowed. You may be out in the yard doing your fall clean-ups and notice the beautiful colours that are present. Why not add to those and plant a tree, shrub, or perennial that will not only fill that empty location
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Top Tips for Seeding Indoors

Top Tips for Seeding Indoors As unbelievable as it may seem right now, with layer upon layer of snow on the ground and temperatures that make you question if we’ve entered a new ice age, the time is near to begin indoor seeding. Spring is almost upon us, and with that comes joy and excitement
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Attracting Birds to Your Yard

Why would someone want to promote bird activity in their backyard? Birds are apart of the local ecosystem of your yard – and can provide a great many benefit to you as a home owner! (For example : Pest Control, Flower Pollination, Weed Control, Wildlife Conservation and even Stress Relief – they are so fun
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Snow Mould & Spring Lawn Care

Our lawns take up much of our yard space and whether your outdoor space boasts perennial beds and edible gardens, turf care is important in ensuring the health of our yards as a whole. With winter slowly fading and a new season of growth approaching, here are some tips to have a lush and healthy
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Spring Pruning Guide

Pruning is a fun and necessary gardening task but to most of us it can feel quite daunting. Don’t fret! Pick up those secateurs and let’s tackle this together!! The main reasons we prune: Improve health and vigour Encourage fruit and flower production Modify the shape or direct growth Safety reasons Bad reason to prune:
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