Pierre’s Tried & True Landscape Selections

Pierre is not only one of the owners of Oakridge, but he is also our expert in all things tree and shrub related. On any given day in the spring, summer and fall, you’ll find him in the landscape yard tending to every tree and shrub we have. For Pierre, these plants don’t just add visual appeal to your landscape, they create impact that continues to grow year after year, season after season.

We were able to pull Pierre away from the growing array of new trees and shrubs arriving to our lot this spring and ask him what his tried-and-true landscape selections are. From beautiful bloomers to stately evergreens, this list has some amazing choices. Want some help picking the perfect tree or shrub for your landscape? Be sure to ask for Pierre when you come in for a visit at Oakridge. He can make sure you choose the best plant to suit your needs, and your landscape.


Annabelle Hydrangea – The Consistent Bloomer

For Pierre, this Hydrangea is a popular choice to add a floral accent to your landscape and for very good reason. A very consistent bloomer, it’s large white blooms have a romantic mounding habit and cascading appearance that add a touch of show.


Diablo Ninebark – The Bullet-Proof Shrub

Pierre affectionately refers to the Diablo Ninebark as the bullet-proof shrub. If you are looking for a quick-grower to provide screening/privacy, this aggressive growing plant is perfect for you! Just keep in mind you’re the boss of this shrub! Prune it to the shape and size that you need to keep it looking its best.


Black Hills Spruce – The Landscape Staple

Pierre loves this landscape staple. A native tree to Manitoba, it’s hardy and well-adjusted to our soil conditions. Bushy and full, yet slightly smaller overall than the Colorado Spruce, it adds a great touch of evergreen to any landscape.


Double Play Spirea – The Double Bloomer

The Double Play Spirea shines through with bright reds and golds, blooming early and then again in later summer. Pierre finds this whole series of Spirea holds its colour very well through the summer and is outstanding when it first leafs out in spring.


Dwarf Korean Lilac – The Petite Beauty

What is not to love about this lilac? The leaves are shiny and curly, and it’s consistently covered in blooms – starting mid- to late-June. The best part? It needs very little pruning to maintain its impressive round shape.


Autumn Blaze Maple – The Firebrand

The Autumn Blaze Maple is a large shade tree that puts on a show every fall when its foliage turns from bright green to an intense fiery red. With this tree you’ll want to ensure its planted in a dry area – no Maple likes standing water at its feet.


Little Giant Cedar – The Goldilocks of Cedars

For Pierre the Little Giant Cedar is not too big, and not too small, but just the right size as a foundation plant or as an accent in a shrub bed. With its globe shape and rich green foliage it can be the perfect addition to your landscape.


Hot Wings Maple – The Compact Stunner

This compact tree is perfect for small spaces and adds a pop of colour starting in July when bright red samara (helicopter-like seeds) start making their appearance. Come fall, the Hot Wings Maple will add a stunning orange-red colour to your landscape.


Lemony Lace Elder – The Airy Accent

The Lemony Lace Elder has a fantastic fine cut leaf texture with bright gold foliage that shines all season long. Its airy texture makes it a great accent against heavier-leafed plants like the Diablo Ninebark.


Hydrangea Quick Fire Fab – The Newbie

The new kid on the block, Pierre is very excited about this new plant! Super early to bloom and more compact than the regular Quick Fire this Hydrangea has conical blooms that go from white to pink to red from the bottom up as the season progresses making it a wonderful feature plant or accent.