Did you know that your flowering indoor plants can transition to your favourite outdoor spaces, including your sunroom or porch?

We love using spring florals to add a splash of colour to our homes as we wait for our gardens to begin blooming. Not only does it breathe new life to our outdoor spaces, but it also does the same for your plant, giving it fresh outdoor air in which to thrive. Natural floral accents are also a great way to add a special touch to your Easter décor, from the classic Easter Lily to the elegant Azalea, there are so many plants that can be used to enhance your outdoor space.

So, if like us you can’t wait to see your favourite spring flowers gracing your porch or sunroom, we’ve put together our top tips for making sure your plants flourish as you transition them outdoors.

General Care when Transitioning Your Plant Outdoors

Transitioning your flowering indoor plant outdoors involves just a few simple steps to ensure it maintains its beauty and health.

Pick the Right Pot

Be sure your plant is in a pot that drains well and has good quality potting soil. If your plant came in a container that has a decorative wrap on it, it will be best to remove to ensure it can adequately drain.

Acclimate Your Plant to the Outdoors

It’s helpful to allow your plant to adjust to its new outdoor home by putting it outside for a few hours at a time to start, leaving it for longer periods until it’s hardened off. This will allow it to adjust to the change in temperatures, light and wind.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Your plant has grown accustomed to being in a climate-controlled environment. Be sure to keep an eye on the weather and if temperatures are going to dip below 10-12˚C bring them inside. Lower temperatures could set them back and it may take a while for the plant to recover.

Let there be Light (but not too much!)

Your plant will more than likely been receiving indirect light in your home, so be careful not to place it in direct sunlight. Choose a spot that provides partial sunlight. If your chosen location gets morning sun and shade during the afternoon, even better!

Don’t Forget to Feed & Water

Because your plant will be more susceptible to environmental conditions, it will likely need more watering and fertilizer to thrive. Be sure to keep an eye on the soil condition and adjust your watering schedule if needed.

Encourage New Growth

Keep your plant looking fresh and encourage new growth by deadheading.

Our Favourite Indoor Flowering Plants that Transition Well Outdoors

We have plants we love using outdoors during the spring months. From the Easter Lily, to the Kalanchoe, these plants transition well outdoors and add that fresh spring flare all of us green thumbs crave as we anticipate another growing season!

Easter Lily

The Easter Lily exudes grace and elegance with its large white trumped shaped flower. A symbol of life, purity, innocence, joy and peace, the Easter Lily has long been a primary symbol for this sacred season. White Lilies are mentioned frequently throughout the bible and are the most popular flower chosen to grace homes and churches each spring as a symbol of the resurrection and new life.


A spring favourite, the Hydrangeas boasts small flowers that come together to create large domes of blooms. Coming in lovely soft colours like pink, purple or blue, they add the perfect accent to any Easter or spring-themed décor.


While you may think a succulent would be too tender to put outdoors in Manitoba, the Kalanchoe is small, but mighty. A striking plant with deep green leaves and clusters of tiny flowers that can be pink, yellow, orange, red or white, the Kalanchoe will brighten any outdoor space with its colourful blooms.


If we could choose only one word to describe the Primula, it would be vibrant. This spring-blooming member of the Primrose family is most often found in white, yellow, orange, red and pink each featuring a vibrant yellow eye that give these plants a unique and colourful look that is unstoppable.


The Azalea is one of the most elegant plants around with bright coloured flowers and foliage that screams spring.While Azaleas are most commonly seen in shades of pink and purple, they can also be found in red, orange and yellow.


Another member of the Primrose family, the Cyclamen has stunning green foliage that is topped by tall, graceful flowers. These beauties are commonly seen in red, pink, white and purple.