Our Top New Annuals 2018

By Erna

This year is full of innovation and excitement, and the gardening world is no exception. In 2018, we are ushering in some beautiful new annuals to start the gardening season off right. Here are some of our top choices:

“Bumblebee Pink” Calibrachoa:

As busy and buzzing as a bee, the “Bumblebee Pink” Calibrachoa is a myriad of colour and excitement. With a star of yellow, bright as a bumblebee, and a gradient of pinks, this flower is a work of art.

Calibrachoas love the sun, and may stunt if planted in colder ground soil. A container or hanging basket will be best for this annual to keep their roots warm. Plant it with other sun-loving annuals of similar colours, like pinks and yellows. Tall grasses will add texture and purple will add contrast. Whatever you choose to plant it with make sure it’s hardy. “Bumblebees” are aggressive and will do anything to trail their blooms.

Stronger than average flowers, “Bumblebee Pinks” can stand up to wind better than most! Keep them strong with regular use of an all-purpose fertilizer with a high last number. With these guidelines, these trendy blooms will make a great addition to your 2018 garden

“Wild Romance” Impatiens

As much as we have been impatient waiting for spring, Impatiens are probably more eager than any of us. These biting-at-the-bit plants are likely dying to show off their newest variety. The “Wild Romance” is an amazing new impatiens with full, rose-like double blooms. The delicate annuals come in 2 colours – blush pink and white – both of which we’ll carry at the Garden Centre this season.

An individual Impatiens will only grow as tall as 6”. However, the more plants you have closer together, the taller they will grow – up to 5x larger. For a larger, fuller container, plant them only a couple of inches apart. For planting in the bed, plant your impatiens anywhere from 8-12’’, for a more spread out appearance.

Like petunias, delicate impatiens will need shelter from the wind. Plant with hardier companions that will offer protection from any threatening gusts, and choose your locations carefully. To help keep them strong, add compost or a slow-release-fertilizer to your soil. Keep the soil moist, and you’ll have gorgeous double-blooms all season.

“Solar Tower” Ipomoea:

These striking vines, with a self-climbing nature and heart-shaped leaves are a marvelous addition to any garden in 2018. The “Solar Tower” Ipomea is a deep, moody variety with contrasting colours of Lime and Black. The bright Lime colour is so bright it almost appears to glow, where the drama of the black is as dark as an oil slick. Together or separate, these Ipomeas are a perfect addition to any fashionable garden.

Unlike our other top annuals this year, that would love a container, this annual will want space to grow. Due to their climbing nature, the “Solar Tower” Ipomea will want to be near something they can grab onto as they make their journey upward.

Adding a trellis to your garden bed or planting near a wall is a great way to give them what they need in a stylish way.As the name implies, the “Solar Tower” will need lots of sun so planting where they will have a nice, full exposure is key. Water moderately and fertilize monthly to have a beautiful vine that you’ll love for the whole season.

From containers, to beds, to trellises there is a fashion-forward annual for all your gardening needs this year. Offering colours and excitement like never before, come into the Garden Centre today and take a look at some new favourites to take home this year.