Fashion Update 2018

By Megan

Every year comes with new fashion trends, and with 2018 in full swing, this year’s trends are confidently making an appearance. Feminine yet practical, this year is all about a beautiful, earthy style. Here’s what to look for this season, from colours to style.


This year’s top colour trend is both pretty and perfect for spring: pastels. Defined as a soft and delicate shade of a colour, pastels are bright and bold, without being too loud. The paleness in colouring makes them an excellent choice for mixing and matching. Pair them with other pastel shades, or experiment with darker tones, too.

Pastels pair seamlessly with a gorgeous floral pattern – like our stunning Soya Concept Rose Printed Blouse ($64.99) – and will look amazing with a light-coloured jean – like these beautiful, grey Jag Girlfriend Jeans ($99.99). Keeping it cheerful, colourful, and just a little feminine, pastels make for the perfect springtime start to the year.


While the colour palette of pastels offers subtle style looks, this year’s fashion gets bold with patterns. From polka dots to stripes, gingham to checkers, the selection is endless and finding one that speaks to you is easier than ever!

For a soft and feminine touch, choose a floral pattern, like our rose blouse featured above. For a bolder, statement-making outfit, choose a more contrasting pattern and pair it with a brightly coloured accessory. A perfect example is this black and white Papillon Gingham Ruffle Dress ($74.99) with our gorgeous, fuschia Joy Accessories Nicole Crossbody bag ($44.99). Finish off your outfit with the perfect spring jacket – like our Tribal Grey Denim Jacket ($99.99) – and you’re set to take on 2018 in style.

Mixing Patterns:

As anyone knows, patterns themselves are not a new trend, but 2018 adds a twist on patterns by mixing them. Fashion has traditionally limited outfits to a single pattern. This year, however, is all about breaking those rules. This season we get to have fun making a statement by mixing what we have always been told “didn’t match”.

Mixing patterns may seem difficult, but you can be the master of this loud, bold trend with these simple tips and tricks:

  • Pick a Statement Pattern – this will be most heavily featured pattern and will draw the eye.
  • Keep Colours Alike – by using similar colours, or varying shades of the same colour, you will create a conversation between the patterns.
  • Have a Palette Cleanser – have a neutral piece that will balance out the patterns, like jeans.
  • Texturize – Textures add as much variety as a print, in a more subtle way, that is just as fun.

Feminine Utilitarian :

Along with colours and statement-makers, with each new year comes a new style inspiration. This year’s inspiration is perfect for the gardeners and the florists. Feminine Utilitarian is all about a working-class lady who is ready for a date night, but isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

Comfort and practicality paired with pretty, delicate features makes this a look that both tomboys and women will love. Ruffles and lace contrast with denims and khakis, while still complimenting them and effortlessly blending relaxation with beauty.

Creating this stylish and functional look is as simple as mixing and matching. Find your favourite, feminine top – we love this delicate, ivory Dex Crochet Halter ($49.99) – and pair it with the perfect, practical pants – like these oh-so-comfortable, charcoal Dex Cargo Pants ($59.99). Add a pretty, patterned accessory – like a Pretty Persuasions Zippered Clutch Purse ($49.99) – and you have the perfect, casual look for 2018.

With ruffles and florals, jeans and joggers, this year’s style trends are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Stop by our boutique today to see more of these styles, and start spring off right with your new 2018 look.