Spring has sprung and your yard looks the same as it did before frost. Surely there are many of you out there that are wondering,”How do I get my yard to look like the neighbours?”Preparation will be a key component to moving forward with this. Doing your homework ahead of time can greatly ease the mind when you will want to put shovel to the ground. 

                Planning ahead with things of importance to you such as decks, gardens, sheds, playstructures etcetera, will make your vision clearer as you realize how much space these items can take up in your space.

                Getting a list of favourite trees, perennials and shrubs as must haves would be the next item up on the list. Get yourself a catalogue with pictures and references as to how big everything can become, and you will soon see ideas forming in your mind as to how everything will start to fit into your landscape.

                Landscape consultations and designs would be one of your final steps in achieving the yard of your dreams. You can get a simple design which would be called a consultation. This would be where a landscape architect would come to your yard and get your wishlists from you, and from this, do a basic sketch of your yard with flower beds and all buildings and structures. Keep in mind this is very basic and for just a little more you can get a full landscape design. This would include everything from the basic consultation plus accurate measurements and a to scale drawing where you would see on paper what your yard would look like from a top view. Doing this is great for many reasons. You will get a copy of this plan to find out if you want to do it all in one step and be done. Plant listings can also be available and you can look back to remember what you all have planted everywhere. Another bonus would be if you were to do just some parts of it, you would always have this reference later to remind you exactly where you would continue for your next step.

                Call us today to set up your landscape design from Oakridge!