We’ve been carrying the line of Reallite Candles for a while and they have consistently been a huge hit.  No dripping, no smoke, no burns and your eyes won’t believe it’s not real!  Well!  Have we got something for you!

Whatever the weather, we now carry the new line of Rainlite Candles.  They are indoor/outdoor, weatherproof and worry-free! The durable plastic shell can withstand rain and will not melt in the sun and heat.  With drainage holes in the top and bottom and rubber seals ensure your candle remains in good condition!

Whether its the Realite or Rainlite candle that you choose to try, you won’t be disappointed.  Using an LED light and patented electromagnetic technology, the moving flame shines and dances around, creating the realistic illusion of a true burning candle.  Come check them out!

* Battery-operated, with a timer and we now offer a remote!