Corn what?  Corn gluten is a pre-emergent herbicide and a natural source of Nitrogen fertilizer which kills the seeds from weeds.  Yes, WEEDS!  And it won’t damage the lawn or soil because it is non-toxic.  You can find corn gluten as a  fine yellow powder or gold pellets that smell like cereal.  The pellets are easier to use on your lawn and are effective for up to six weeks, unlike the powdered product. As well, the pellets will not cake when watered and will not blow away upon application.

Works great for Dandelions and Crabgrass!  And you can use it just about anywhere.  Your lawn, flower beds and vegetable garden.  The only caveat is to not use it on your flower beds if you are seeding flowers.  The seeds will not germinate because of the corn gluten.

Its best to use it three times a year. Using it in spring, after your tulips have gone dormant, controls the germination of weed seeds that are in place from the previous fall.  This is usually around mid-April to mid-May.  The summer application should be from the middle to the end of June, which will reduce the weed seeds from late spring.  The third  application is done in late August, if you have not put grass seed down, to stop the weed seeds that have blown in during the late summer.  Otherwise the third application is done in mid-September to late October, after the grass seed is established, and late enough to be active in the very early spring.  This is known as dormant fertilization.

How to Use it:  Spread the corn gluten meal with a fertilizer spreader and then water the lawn and let it dry out. It will still be effective if you do not have a chance to water your lawn immediately after applying it, because the proteins are released every time it rains or the lawn is watered, until the pellets decompose.

Another use is to mix it into the top 1/4″ of soil before transplanting flats or your container grown annuals, perennials or vegetables. These plants will not be harmed because they have a large strong root system.

Try it out and let us know how it does for you!  Happy Weed Killing!