Wow, do we feel behind the 8 ball this year!   It’s been a crazy spring with snowstorms and chilly weather.  We are ready for spring and the greenhouse is PACKED to the gills.  So here is our schedule, confirmed, finally!

On Saturday May 4th we are hosting our annual plant PLUG sale and celebrating opening the greenhouse doors.  We are technically open already…if you’ve been here before, you know that you are always welcome to poke around and enjoy the green air!

We are also hosting an organic gardening workshop at 1pm on May 4th.

We have invited Sheldon Gesell from Dirt n’ Grow Manufacturing tor a present his knowledge on organic products compared to inorganic products.  How each of them work differently to achieve your weed control, plant growth and protection from fungicides.  Sheldon has over 20 years experience in the Agriculture and Horticulture Industry and can answer all of your questions on organic  alternative options available.  This presentation is both for the beginner gardener as well as the professional gardener that is looking for that edge on beautifying their landscape and plants.  Or simply, come and chat about how well your plants are doing with an EVOLVE Organic Plant Fertilizer.  We love to hear your feedback on any of our products that you use!  It’s free, you DON’T have to sign up and you receive a FREE sample of EVOLVE Rage Plus sample!  We all love something free, don’t we!
If you have any questions, give us a call! 204-326-1015