You Had Me At Hello – But Chocolates Are Always Welcome!


Valentine’s Day is the time of year to show our love in an affectionate or romantic way. Valentine’s cards are sent with sentimental, humourous and sometimes naughty verses by adults, and kids can join in the fun by exchanging Valentine’s cards at school as an expression of friendship towards their classmates… Who remembers the anticipation of seeing if your childhood crush would remember YOU on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day gift giving can be as simple as an elegant, long-stemmed rose or as extravagant as a diamond necklace, but whatever you choose, the sentiment behind your gift is what counts.

Many people have Valentine’s Day plans – a special dinner at home or a romantic evening out on the town, but whatever you and your sweetie have planned, we invite you to stop by Oakridge’s Cafe for the best espresso drinks and desserts for miles around! While you’re here take a few minutes to browse through some of our gorgeous treasures recently added in the gift shop – you just might find that special something for the love of your life!

Here are some fun Valentine’s Day facts to share with your friends:


Valentine’s Day Fun Fact #1: It’s All About Saints and Lovers

Valentine’s Day falls on February 14, the name day of two saints. There are different opinions and theories on the origins of the celebration, but the holiday is widely accepted as the time to exchange messages of love and devotion in the spirit of St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers.

Valentine’s Day Fun Fact #2: The Red Rose Is The Flower of Love

The red rose has long been considered the flower of love.  Not only does the colour red indicate strong romantic feelings of love, but the red rose was said to be the favoured flower of Venus, the Goddess of Love. A single long-stemmed red rose framed with sprigs of baby’s breath is the #1 most popular flower on Valentine’s Day, but in order for a rose to make the cut, its’ stem must be at least 24 inches in length and have a blossom ranging between two and four inches in diameter. Canada produces 12 million roses each year which translates to one million bouquets (each containing a dozen roses)!

There is more to Valentine’s Day than just roses. In Denmark, the tradition is to exchange dainty white snowdrop flowers. In Victorian times, people associated meanings with flowers and gave them to convey their feelings and desires. Here are a few non-traditional Valentine’s Day flowers and their meanings:

Purple Larkspur: First Love

Sunflower: Adoration

Yellow Chrysanthemum: Secret Admirer

Whether you choose roses, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, gerbera daisies or a mixed bouquet, giving Valentine’s Day flowers is a lovely way to express your love and affection.

Valentine’s Day Fun Flower Fact #3: It’s Okay to Treat Yourself!

If you are currently single, it’s okay to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day too! Recent statistics indicate that 52% of Canadians are currently single and many celebrate the day with a special treat, flowers or a trip to the spa!

Here are some great ways to spoil yourself rotten on Valentine’s Day:

-Go shopping and buy something you want, just because you WANT it!

-Book a hair appointment complete with scalp massage

-Go to the spa and get a luxurious full body massage

-Take the day off work and lounge around for the entire day!

-Go on a lunch date with a friend followed by manicures/pedicures (Guys too!)

Happy Valentine’s Day From Oakridge Greenhouse & Garden Centre. See you soon!