Poinsettia season and Christmas are upon us and I wanted to chat a little about what it means to care for your poinsettia at home.  To keep your poinsettia looking beautiful, place it in an area that receives indirect sunlight.  Be sure to keep it away from drafts – not by a heating vent or an outside door.  Poinsettias don’t like to have their soil dry out completely, nor do they like it soggy.  Our general rule of thumb is 1/2 cup of water every 3 days for a 6″ plant, and 1 cup for an 8″ plant.  Another easy way to water is to take the pot cover off and place the plant in a sink partially full of water for 30mins.  Then, drain the sink and allow the plant to drain for another 30mins.  Replace the pot cover and you’re good to go.  Enjoy your poinsettia!  My favorite is a toss-up between the all white or the deep red.  What a beautiful and easy way to jazz up your home this Christmas!