If you’ve come for coffee in the last little while, I’m sure you’ve noticed the change to our menu.  We have tried to simplify things and created standard pricing for your favorite drinks.  For February, our specialty drinks are all things Valentine…cinnemon, chocolate, red and sweet.  Our ‘Be my Valentine’ Latte is delicious.   Just enough cinnemon, loaded with whipped cream and topped with cinnemon hearts that melt with the heat of the espresso and steamed milk.  So good.

The Chocolate dipped Strawberry Mocha, is our traditional mocha with the sweetness of the added strawberry, and the Amore Mocha adds the smoothness factor with amaretto flavoring.

If you’re looking for something cool, the Raspberry Truffle Frappe is just that!  It tastes just like a chocolate raspberry truffle blended with espresso and cream.

Bring your special someone out for a treat and enjoy the time together.  We so often let the days slip away without spending quality time with those we hold the dearest and closest to our heart.