Here are a few highlights of Saturdays concert courtesy of Terry, who is a lover of all things bluesy….

Jess Reimer held a lively concert, with traditonal folk off of her new ‘sweet darling and sorrow’ CD and bluegrass from her past Doug and Jess material.  Her husband Jeremy accompanied her with his mandolin and a lovely fiddle that he had handcrafted himself.  Jeremy really takes music instrument construction to a new level.  He offers guitar building courses where once completed, you walk away from your very own personalized guitar.

Right on!  It was a great turnout and fun was had by all.  If you’ve never been to an Oakridge Cafe Concert, come on down and check it out for yourself.

Our next concert is featuring Rambling Dan in a 2 show weekend, February 18th & 19th.  It’s the long weekend and conventiently after Valentines Day, so bring your honey out for one more ‘date night’!