Flower bulb planting is a perfect job for a crisp, sunny fall day.  You’ll want to plant now to achieve that amazing first splash of color in the springtime.  Typically, September till the 3rd week of October is ideal.  This timing allows for the root development of your spring-flowering bulbs that need a period of cold in order to flower well.  If you can still dig into the ground, plant away!  For the best results, choose large bulbs – the more mature the bulb, the larger the flowers, and plant the bulbs as soon as possible.  Spring flowering bulbs thrive in full or part-sun areas with good drainage.  As a rule of thumb, plant large bulbs 8-12″ deep and 3-6″ apart.  Smaller bulbs can be planted 4-6″ deep and closer together.  Water generously and forget about them until you see firsthand your stunning results in the springtime!  Not everything about fall gardening is cleanup…happy planting!