The lily is a hardy perennial that we love.  These tough perennials perform year after year providing beautiful blooms and fragrances.  Lily, the genus lilium, are herbaceous flowering plants that are usually grown from bulbs and can be planted either in spring or fall, depending on the variety.  They are great for cutting and create a beautiful show of flowers all summer long.  They are easy to plant and care for and by utilizing a wide variety can augment an existing perennial garden or kick-start a new bed or landscaped area.  One idea is to plant your lillies in odd groups of 3, 5 or 7  to maximize the color impact.  Another tip is to plant different varieties of lillies together, playing with color and texture.  For example, the asiatic lily planted with oriental lillies makes for an exciting combination.  They bloom at different times, with the asiatic lily blooming early and the oriental lillies extending the blooming period into late summer, providing spectacularly vivid results.

At Oakridge we carry a showy selection of lillies that are looking especially beautiful right now.  Our oriental lily varieties include the casa blanca, the cobra, the aftereight and the ever popular stargazer.  One very popular asiatic lily is the black out.  It has the warmest deep red color that you’ve ever seen.  Of course, tiger lillies and daylillies are always a staple that we have on hand.