Marianne excitedly told me about one her favorite perennials yesterday, the filipendula rubra.  She quickly went on about how it’s a showstopper with its cotton candy like blooms that are a sea of pink clouds in your garden.  It’s a very sturdy upright perennial and multiples well, growing 4′-6′ tall and spreading up to 2′.  It’s large heads or panicles of deep pink fragrant blossoms against the dark green lacey foliage is its claim to fame.  Even the leaves are fragrant!  The filipendula attracts butterflies and is a wonderful addition to your wildflower bed.  It requires moist soil and to be planted in full-sun to part-shade, making it ideal for next to a waterfeature or pond. 

We carry a few different varieties of filipendula at Oakridge – Filipendula Rubra (Queen of the Prairie) & Filipendula Rubra Venusta Magnifica to name a couple!