Father’s Day is right around the corner and when you think of Father’s day gifts your mind probably doesn’t immediately go to a greenhouse and garden centre.  You start with the idea of power tools, or sports tickets and paraphenelia or carwash gift certificates.  Now that I’ve given you ideas of what you can’t get at Oakridge, here are a couple of ideas of what we have to offer.  Plus you get bonus points for thinking outside of the box. 

A new tree or shrub for his yard is a great idea.  We have found that shade trees and apple trees have always been a popular choice for a Father’s day gift at Oakridge.   Gardening tools, birdhouses, birdbaths and to state the obvious, plants are great choices for the avid putter-around-the-yarder!  (Not a work, I know) Our garden store also has some great ideas.  We have plenty of masculine artwork for his study or den, or something as simple as a coffee travel mug and a card.  Finally, as a last resort for the hard to hard to buy for Dad, we carry gift certificates. 

A few words about my Dad.  My dad is Terry, and I’m sure you’ve seen him around Oakridge.  You may not have heard him….he’s the strong, silent type and wise beyond his years.  He may be a little in the background, which is the way that he likes it, and Oakridge wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for him.  You’ll see him clearing snow in the winter, loading trucks with soil and mulch and driving the skidsteer around trying to fix up the potholes in the parking lot.  He also does most of the deliveries and pickups, general maintenance and even grocery shops for the cafe.  Most of all, he compliments my mom beautifully and we all love him for everything that he does for us!  Thanks Dad! 

Please don’t just think about Mom when you think about Oakridge, women definitely aren’t the only ones that love to garden!