Annual flowers are among gardeners favorites.  I think it’s because they flower all summer long and that you can start fresh every year.  At least that’s why they’re my favorite.  Or maybe it’s because I still consider myself an amateur, and that my perennials and shrubs are still developing in our yard.  Confession time – I’ve spent many years relying on Erna (my mom) to help me plant and even choose what I should plant and decide where I should plant it.  I used the excuse that she knows better than me (which she does), and for that reason, it’s only in the last little while that I’ve actually learnt to do this on my own.  I’ve always enjoyed the planting, spending the time outdoors and of course, spending the alone time with my mom while she helped me.  Even while I write these blogs I’m continually learning, and hopefully the blogs will evolve as well, along with the evolution of my knowledge of gardening. 

The term “annual” describes plants that go through their entire life cycle – from germination to seed production- in a single year.  Because they last only one growing season, they are versatile and offer a diverse palatte of color and come in a wide array of shapes and sizes.  There are many uses of annuals other than the typical flower bed and really the sky is the limit.  Plant annuals among your perennials or shrubs in a new bed to fill in the open spaces that are there among the small, developing plants.  Grow them in a garden specifically for summer cutting or drying for winter arrangements.  Or plant them over top of spring bulbs that are fading.  They provide that all-summer-long color without interfering with next year’s spring flowers. 

We still have a fantastic selection of annual flowers to choose from, and our hanging baskets are overflowing with cascading blooms.  There is a wide selection of sizes, colors and styles to choose from.  Come check it out!