It’s May 2nd, election day, and I want to start off by stating the obvious “Get out and Vote!”  I know you’re all extremely disappointed about the weather this weekend.  Most of us were so geared up to be able to spend our weekend days outside in the yard, after the beautiful week that we had.  It’s a small setback and I want to guarantee the snow will be gone by this afternoon.  All that said, my heading’s about my favorite upcoming holiday “Mothers Day”!  My Mom is an incredibly special person to me, and I appreciate her even more since becoming a Mom myself.  Since this is her busiest time of year, we struggle to be able to coordinate our schedules so that we can get out and celebrate.  That said, I do something special for her and make that effort to spend time with her at the greenhouse, knowing it’s hard for her to leave.

I have to say that I am a proud Mama!  Samuel, who is now 4, is the little boy featured in the Oakridge ad in the “Spring Home & Yard” Carillon Shopping Guide.  He was two at the time of the photo, and when we showed him the print ad, he wasn’t as impressed as we were.  His response was “Why am I wearing Elliott’s tshirt?”  Since the tshirt is now his little brother Elliotts’, we explained the hand-me-down concept, again.    “Oh, ok”, he said….and back to lego.

We have an amazing variety of Mothers Day gifts to choose from.  Whether it’s something special from the Garden Store, or a fresh blooming arrangement made up by Anna, or a rose bush that she can add to her garden, come check out what we have to offer.  I’m looking forward to seeing what I get from my boys.