With all of the springtime hype in the greenhouse, the garden store and cafe talk has been minimal from my end of things.  Things are continually rolling here with new products being displayed, new jewellery and accessories layed out and artwork hung.  There is almost too much going on in order to choose one thing to talk about, but I’ve been wanting to share with you my new desire.  I’ve been eyeing up a wreath for the past few weeks and maybe a part of me is trying to justify another homedecor purchase! 

Springtime wreaths are a great addition to your front door.  Wreaths don’t have to JUST be a Christmas tradition and we have a simple and yet elegant array to choose from.  I’ve added a couple of pictures to give you an idea of what a spring wreath may look like.  There isn’t a picture of the one I want, I might add, I wouldn’t want to give you any ideas.  There!  Now I have no choice but to run and pick it up, before you get to it!  What a relief. 

We’re also carrying a great selection of purses, wallets, bags and what I like to call hobo bags to go with your spring wardrobe. 

This Thursday, we are hosting our first Flip-Flop Event at the Garden Store and Cafe.  It’s a fun evening of primping, pampering, goodies, eats and drinks.  For $60, you receive a pedicure, your choice of a pair of flip-flops, a choice of foot cream by Barefoot Venus,  a beverage and dessert.  Call now to reserve your spot!

Bring out the capris, shorts and flip-flops!    And Wreaths!

Our menu is also evolving and growing as time has gone on.  We’re trying new recipes of homemade soups and sandwiches and we’d love to hear your feedback.  The fresh pea and basil is light and flavorful while the mexican chicken and black bean continues to satisfy by being hardy and fullbodied.  As always the gelato flavors change often and we like to mix things up with the hot and cold drinks as well.  If you’d like to try something new, come for lunch and stay for dessert!