When it comes to choosing your container, the sky really is the limit.  We carry everything you’ll need to add instant colour and dimension to your patio, deck or front step.  Our selections include unique artisan planters, hand crafted containers in classic or contemporary styling, elegant Malaysian planters and Vietnamese planters with luxurious color.  Picking the right pot for the right spot can seem daunting, but we’ll try to make the decision process easier for you.  Knowing the size you want, and where you want to place it will go a long way.  If there’s one tip we can give you, take into consideration proportion.  If your choosing a container for the front of your house, you want to create a dramatic impact and see your pot from the street.  Therefore, bigger can be better!

 Then, let your taste guide you to the style that you prefer; we’re bound to have something that meets your expectation. 

Once you’ve chosen your new container(s), book a pot party with your friends!  We’ll help inspire you with some cool, fresh ideas so that you can design and fill your new pot and watch it grow!  How fulfilling is that?!