Wheat grass is a fun way to bring spring indoors, and makes a great Easter centerpiece.  This project is very kid friendly, with the wheat grass growing quickly, satisfaction is imminent.  Any type of container will work, but for best results, use a container that is 3-4″ deep.  Start by soaking the wheat seed in water for about 5-8 hours.  Fill your container to 1″ below the rim with pre-moistened soil or water gems. (I’ll talk about water gems later)  Sprinkle the top of your container with wheat seed, creating a solid layer, but leaving a little room to grow.  You’ll want to gently press the seeds into the soil or gems and then cover lightly with water.  Keep the soil moist.

In about 3-4 days, you will see sprouts emerge.  Move the pot to a sunny location, and in about a week, the sprouts will be a good height for creating your centerpiece.

You can also grow it directly in your childs’ easter basket, for a different spin on egg collecting.  Just be creative and have fun with it.